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Truro Connections

In showcasing the historic Truro Meeting House as a new player in Truro’s summertime cultural life, the Friends joined by the Parish have presented more than 54 talks, musical performances, poetry readings and special events since the founding of the Friends in 2012. An estimated 1,600 people attended.

Now the Friends is collaborating with Castle Hill Center for the Arts, Truro Public Library, and the Truro Historical Society to take summer programming in the community to a new level. The four institutions have been meeting over the past three months to forge an annual series of themed presentations they hope will offer a kind of “institute of ideas.” It’s called “Truro Connections.” The first themed offerings will take place in the summer of 2018 and will continue into the following months.

Titled “Keeping Truro Sustainable,” the first event will feature distinguished speakers who will outline the major features that make Truro such a unique place of great beauty and cultural richness but a town that also faces serious issues involving employment, housing, elder services, a safe and clean environment, and public health. After the kick-off program, each organization will explore the topic with additional programs tied to the Sustainability theme.

At the same time, each organization will go its own way on other program offerings not directly linked to “Truro Connections.” As Jim Summers of the Truro Historical Society explains, “this will offer an opportunity to bring our audiences together, invite discussion, and exchange ideas. It will also help reduce event conflicts in a short season when we try to squeeze so much into our lives.” Stay tuned for details!

Admission to our events is free or by a suggested donation.  Schedule updates announced by email and on our website.

Tours of the Meeting House and Congregational and Snow Cemeteries – Wednesdays during the summer and on request after Sunday service.