Located at 3 First Parish Lane at Town Hall Road and Bridge Street, near Truro Town Hall

In showcasing the historic Truro Meeting House as a new player in Truro’s summertime cultural life, the Friends joined by the Parish have presented more than 62 talks, musical performances, poetry readings and special events since the founding of the Friends in 2012. An estimated 2,200 people attended.


5 pm Monday, July 12

Steven Pinker Returns to the Truro Meeting House!

Co-sponsored with the Truro Public Library (Webinar Via Zoom)

In his forthcoming book “Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters” Pinker takes on the question of how a species that developed vaccines for Covid-19 in less than a year produces so much fake news, medical quackery, and conspiracy theorizing. Be among the fortunate few to get a preview of new insights on society’s biases, fallacies, and illusions, and how humanistic learning is key by one of the world’s great thinkers. 




5 pm Monday, August 2

Philip Yenawine “Visual Thinking”

Co-sponsored with the Truro Public Library (Via Zoom)

Arts educator Philip Yenawine will explore how to look at “strange” art. A leading expert in classroom teaching of art, he was a former director of MOMA’s Education Department as well as a consulting curator at Boston’s Institute for Contemporary Art, and a visiting professor in arts education at Mass College of Art. He is famous for developing the pioneering arts curriculum for young students called Visual Thinking Strategies (Harvard University).


5 pm Sunday, August 8
Rosenblum/Glig Piano Duo Concert
Sponsored by LongnookBooks 


James Rosenblum is the organist/pianist for Truro’s First Congregational Parish. James is an acclaimed classical artist, as is his wife, Anna Glig. Together their piano duo performances have been wowing Cape audiences. It doesn’t end there. James was selected as one of 48 amateur pianists from around the world to appear in the 2022 Cliburn International Amateur Piano Competition.

Because of the recent COVID outbreak in our area, for everyone’s safety, rather than the live performance on August 8, 2021, the concert was recorded.


The recorded concert is now available on YouTube.

For the performance, click VIEW

James Rosenblum

Fantasiesstucke, opus 12 (Fantasy Pieces), Robert Schumann 

Four Hands Piano, Ana Glig, primo; James Rosenblum, secondo

Carnival of the Animals, Camille Saint-Saens 

5 pm Monday, August 9

Mary Beth Norton “Shipwreck: Truro’s Forgotten Tea Tempest”

(Via Zoom)

One of the four tea ships bound for Boston missed the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773, because it, the William, had foundered on the Back Shore five days earlier. Its precious cargo of tea was salvaged by outer cape haulers, many from Truro. Soon the episode sparked contention and violence over the hated tea tax, property rights, and law and order, struggles that persisted for many months.


5 pm Monday, August 16


Richard Hersh “We are Losing Our Minds: What Happens When Higher Education Fails America”

A lecturer at Yale College and a former president of two leading liberal arts colleges, Richard Hersh is a prominent critic of higher education who has called for a re-thinking of how we teach (or don’t) college students. He terms what students receive at most colleges and universities is “conveyer belt” education, even at our most elite institutions. Hersh claims that there is too little “higher” learning taking place and thus too little educational value produced at a very high cost. In a very real sense we are metaphorically losing our best minds.

5 pm Sunday, August 22

Book Sharing: “Reading in the Time of Covid” (Via Zoom)

“There is then creative reading as well as creative writing.” – Emerson

During the pandemic lockdown, many of us found more time to read and think about what we read. Join a Friends’ Zoom to hear what people have been reading. 





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